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Motion Controllers 


  • 1 to 64 axes

  • Step/direction, analogue or EtherCAT control

  • Linear, circular, helical and sherical interpolation

  • Multi-tasking

  • High speed registration

  • Software gearboxes

  • CAM profiles

  • HPGL, G-Code, IEC61131-3 support

Stepper Drives 


  • 24V dc to 240V ac DOL supply

  • Up 10A peak per phase

  • Resolution up to 12,800 steps/rev

  • EtherCAT versions available

  • Available with in-built indexer

Stepper Motors 


  • NEMA11 to NEMA42 frame sizes

  • Up to 24Nm holding torque

  • Special options available - brake, encoder, environment, enclosure etc

Servo Motors


  • 30W to 15kW continuous rating

  • High dynamic performance

  • Metric and imperial mounting configurations

Servo Drives


  • Up to 75A continuous current

  • Can be used in torque or velocity mode

  • Variants offer analogue, pulse or encoder following control modes

Don't see what you want on this page?  Then please contact us, as our range of motion control and automation products also includes rotary and linear slides, screw and belt tables, gearboxes, linear actuators etc.

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