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The Trio DX4 Servo Drive comes in 3 frame sizes with power ratings from 50W to 3kW.

The DX4 is designed to work seamlessly with Trio's EtherCAT controllers and be fully integrated into Trio’s application development tool, Motion Perfect allowing complete machine configuration from one tool; commissioning, diagnostics and programming.

With a focus on ease of use, the DX4 minimises setup time allowing you to focus on your application.


  • Drive and Motion Coordinator fully integrated into Motion Perfect

  • EtherCAT support, update rates down to 125us

  • Compact size

  • Zero stacking installation

  • Functional Safety Dual STO (SIL3, PLe)

  • 200Vac from 50W up to 3kW

  • 20-bit incremental or 23-bit absolute encoder interface

  • 350% overload capability

  • Internal drive protection functions

  • 7 digital inputs, 2 dedicated touch probe inputs for position latching

  • 4 digital outputs, second encoder interface for dual encoder application

  • Comprehensive tuning technology including: Auto-tuning function, adaptive vibration suppression, friction compensation

  • Field upgradable firmware

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